House keeping is not just a set of people sweeping, Moping and cleaning your premises. Perfect house keeping protects your assets while it gives your premises a neat and well cared appearance.

What can house keeping do for You

Good House keeping leads to better productivity. Better materials housekeeping reduces wastage of time in material movement. Perfect House Keeping reduces downtime and increases production. Professional house keeping gives your factory an inviting, clean and well cared appearance at all times. Housekeeping reduces accidents. Housekeeping gives your collaborators/customers an impression of your products. Housekeeping makes effective use of space. Housekeeping helps to create a pleasant working environment.

Why call gowtham enterprises

Gowtham Enterprises has one of the best customer retention levels in the industry. This loyalty is earned through our dedication and continuous efforts to provided high – quality, value added services that exceed our clients expectations. We are most responsible and understanding of diversity. Our mission to exceed customer expectations involves. Understanding specialized customer needs Systems and procedural modifications. Flexibility for each and every clients.

Types of Housekeeping

Showcase Housekeeping, General housekeeping, Materials house keeping.

Systems and schedules

Order of work, Daily work schedule, General maintenance Report, Daily checklist, Inspection schedule

Order of work of schedule is given below, what are the works to be done in the schedule time given. One supervisor is appointed to supervise the order of work to check the work is done without any hitch. Daily check list is done by the supervisor. With the dialy checklist made by the supervisor daily a GMR is made as on record given to the personnel department for their supervision.

1. Inspection schedule is the time given to the personnel department for them to do inspection or they can inspect the work without giving any prior permission also a what time they want.

2. We are responsible for all the compliance under various laws and enactments, central and state pertaining to relevant statutes viz., payment of minimum wages as per minimum wages Act, ESI & Pf ACT, and contract labour Regulation and Abolition Act, Shop and Establishment Act, Factories Act, and any labour or other legislation as applicable from time to time.

3. We are responsible for payment of salary or wages and consequential benefits including bonus, gratuity, ESI, & EPF contributions And workman compensation and or any other benefits including terminal benefits. Statutory or otherwise arising out of their employment.

Working details: (for House keeping work)

1 sweeping all area. 2 Moping daily 3 Glass cleaning weekly once. 4 Fan cleaning monthly once. 5 Overhead tank cleaning monthly once. 6 Toilet cleaning daily twice. 7 Cobweb cleaning weekly once. 8 Table chairs cleaning daily. 9 Computers cleaning weekly once. 10 Machine cleaning. 11 Yellow line marking 12 Scrap disposing.

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